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xplorer2 lite edition portable

Download xplorer2 lite edition portable
(Repackaged with launcher with permission of the author)
xplorer2 homepage :

xplorer2 lite edition is a replacement for windows explorer.
it has many more features than windows explorer, the most notable is the 2 pane view.
Additional features include...

All-area shell namespace access
Shell integrated with drag/drop, context menu etc
Automatic sensing of changes in all folders (networked etc)
Multithreaded & multi-window operation
Folder tree panel
Dual pane mode (browse 2 folders in one window)
Tabbed interface
Keyboard shortcuts and overall usability
Path autocompletion
Filtering of item visibility
Selection engine for precision marking of files
Extended filesystem information columns (comments etc)
Even more columns (checksum, 8.3 name etc)
Window layout saving and management
Export folder information as text (for printing etc)
Hard links (NTFS)
Mass renaming
Change file dates (touch)
Find text in files
Search for multiple keywords with boolean context
Unicode & file encoding aware
Text/RTF/Hex preview
Text editor
Graphics & HTML preview
Thumbnail view mode
Multimedia preview (audio & video)
Folder comparison & synchronization
Script wizard for DOS & win32 text commands
Toolbar customization
Extended icon overlays (e.g. TortoiseSVN)
Folder junctions (NTFS)
Calculate folder sizes in detailed view