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*** For informational purposes only ***
*** Use at your own risk ***
*** I will not be responsible if you damage your drive ***

*** Backup Your Data ***

Easier Instructions for Sandisk Drives
Replace LaunchPad with your own Launcher

These instructions will only work on Sandisk Drives

Download Sandisks LPInstaller.exe
When LPInstaller first starts, the next button will be grayed out. (It is downloading its iso)

When it finishes downloading Sandisks ISO the next button will be clickable.

Open windows explorer and browse to..
C:\Documents and Settings\{your user name}\Application Data\U3\temp
You will see a folder named as the U3 drives serial number.
The folder won't be the same name as in the picture, the name is YOUR drives serial number.

Double click on the folder.
You will see the Sandisk ISO (cruzer-autorun.iso)

Delete Sandisks ISO.
If you get an error about being used by another person or program, click OK.
Wait a few second and try to delete it again.
Now copy your custom ISO into this same folder.
Rename it to cruzer-autorun.iso if it isn't already named that.
Go back to the LPInstaller window.

Click Next

Click Next

You will see the progress bar as it installs your custom ISO.

Click Finish

***Again do this at your own risk, I will not be responsible if you fry your drive***