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DriveVar is no longer being developed or supported.
You may find the SmithTech Portable Menu a useful alternative.

drivevar.exe (will open the form window to set the drive variable to %PA_DRV%
drivevar.exe -a (will set the drive variable with out opening the window)
drivevar.exe -d (will remove the drive variable)

DriveVar is useful for running applications from a usb drive where the drive letter may change.
It will set a system environment variable of %PA_DRV% to the drive letter of your usb drive.
You can use this variable in place of the drive letter in shortcuts, ini files, config files, etc.

If you use start / end scripts with your usb drive to set other parameters, you can add drivevar.exe to your scripts with the " -a" or " -d" argument to add or remove the variable.
drivevar.exe also works with PStart's on startup and on exit option.