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Portable Startup Utility

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***The Portable Startup Utility is no longer being developed or supported.
Please use the SmithTech Portable Menu instead.***

Portable Startup Utility (exe only, for custom application)

PSU will launch applications with optional arguments from your usb drive.
PSU will launch Portable Apps Menu from \PortableApps\PortableAppsMenu\PortableAppsMenu.exe
PSU will optionally wait for PAM to exit and automatically run cleanup option.
PSU will optionally set an environment variable you can use in config and ini file in place of the drive letter.
PSU will optionally substitute a drive letter which can be used for applications that need a fixed drive letter. B: is probably the best choice since most PC's don't use B: anymore.

***You must have admin privileges to use the environment variable option.***

Download PSU to your portable drive.
Modify your autorun.inf to run psu.exe -all

psu.exe will open the settings window
psu.exe -all will apply all saved settings
psu.exe -clean will cleanup portable settings applied to host PC
(environment variable & drive substitution)


Changed substitute behavior, command window no longer flashes.
Added cleanup list box, run apps on cleanup. e.g. Trillian.exe /shutdown
Added launch apps list box, launch as many apps as you need.
Fixed the drive label option for the environment variable broken by the error 429 fix.
Fixed and issue with the -clean argument. (settings weren't being cleaned)
Took out the filesystemobject, this fixes the error 429.
Taking out the filesystemobject breaks getting the volume label for the environment variable, this can still be manually set.
more code cleanup
changed setting file from old applauncher.ini to psu.ini
changed default location of psu.ini to app folder rather than drive root
possible fix for error 429
code cleanup
added remove drive button
moved remove variable button to environment section
Added option to run cleanup automatically when PAM exits if PSU is used to launch PAM.
Changed arguments to -all to apply all settings, and -clean to cleanup settings on host PC.
Removed PStart as a static option (PStart has its own launch capabilitites and can be used to launch this utility if you want the environment or drive substitute functions)
Initial Release
Renamed App Launcher util to Portable Startup Utility
Added substitute drive option
Rearranged settings window