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SmithTech Portable Menu

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Theme Artwork
courtesy of NeoRame

Add / Remove the apps you want
AutoRun apps on menu launch. w/ optional argument
Exit apps on menu exit. (Application must support an "exit" argument)
Launch apps from TrueCrypt Volume.
Open folders from TrueCrypt Volume.
Language localizable.
Change folder button names. (must edit the .locale file for your selected language)
Substitute drive.
Open folders with custom app.
Change folder paths
Theme support
Theme Switcher
Custom Tray Icon
Launch ANY File

Online Help | Local Help File

Download 1.2 Beta
Download 1.2 Source
1.2 History

Download 1.1
Download 1.1 Source
1.1 History

Largely inspired by the U3 LaunchPad and influenced by the Menu
I wanted a menu to replace the U3 LaunchPad, be able to use the PortableApps applications
and also be usable in the WinPE environment.