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Trillian Portable
Trillian 3.1 U3 Edition on a standard USB drive.

1. Download and install WinRAR.
2. Download Trillian from the U3 Website.
3. Open WinRAR and browse to the Trillian-v3.11-b1028.exe file you downloaded.
4. Click on Trillian-v3.11-b1028.exe once to highlight it.
5. Click the repair icon in the tool bar.
6. Select "treat as corrupt zip archive", click ok, click close.
7. WinRAR will create a rebuilt.Trillian-v3.11-b1028.exe file, highlight this file.
8. Click the extract to icon in the toolbar, click ok.
9. Browse to the rebuilt.Trillian-v3.11-b1028 folder.
10. Copy the Data\Users folder to the Host folder
11. Delete the Data folder, delete the Exec folder, delete the manifest folder
12. Rename the host folder to Trillian
13. Copy to your usb drive
14. Run Trillian
TIP: If your using ASuite or PStart you can close Trillian using the on exit option by passing the /shutdown argument.